Sunday, January 30, 2011

More on the Group of 7

I recently read a book titled, "Defiant Spirits", which I purchased from the gift shop at the Mc Michael Canadian Art Gallery.  The art Gallery itself is tremendous and a must for anyone who loves art and especially if they enjoy the works from the Group of 7 and Tom Thomson.

"Defiant Spirits" by Ross King

Tom Thomson's Shack - At Mc Michaels Canadian Art Gallery

From inside Mc Michael's ( You can't take pictures of the paintings) 

Mc Michael's Canadian Art Gallery

"Defiant Spirits", by Ross King, is a terrific book for anyone who is interested in the Group of 7 and Tom Thomson.  Ross King describes the artists in great deal, including the struggles to be accepted by a sceptical public, media, and politicians.  There is great insight into the life of all the artists, including Tom Thomson, which includes the untimely and mysterious death of Thomson back in 1917.  This is highly recommended and great for students who may be studying The Group of 7.

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