Saturday, January 29, 2011


I would like to welcome everyone, to my new blog, "4 Season Canuck".  This blog will devote itself towards everything Canadian...minus the politics.  No political views will be seen here.  It's a blog that will promote the history of Canada, as well showcase all the beauty this country has to offer by showing  all regions of this enormous land, and highlighting famous landmarks, festivals, the wonderful sports (not just hockey), our artists, and the special people that are the soul of Canada.  Below is a sampling of pictures that I have picked up from the web, or have taken myself, plus a video that I put together for Canada Day 2010, all in the promotion of Canada.
Although I have mentioned that any political comments are not welcome here, I will promote more Canadian content or the lack there is, in our schools. 

A Scene from Stoney Creek re-enactment 2007

A Scene from Stoney Creek re-enactment 2007

Enjoy, and again politics is strickly forbidden on this blog.

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