Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For the Love of Winter Sports

Skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa
We Canadians love to talk about our weather, however over the years we have been able to over come the hardship and learned to enjoy winter with all that is there to offer.  One of the many activities that we Canadians enjoys is sports.  Not just hockey, although hockey is our pride and joy, there are several other sports that we Canadians enjoy playing, curling obviously comes to mind.  Skiing, either downhill, slalom, or cross-country, plus we can't forget the snowboarders too.  What about skating at your local rink or take a trip to Ottawa and skate on the Rideau Canal.


Cross-Country Skiing



Old Hockey Game - The Original Winter Classic


I myself have enjoyed bowling during the Winter months, mostly 10 pin, but also 5pin (duck pins).  On the East coast like Halifax, you may enjoy Candle pins. 
10 pin bowling

10 pin bowling in Toronto

5 pin or also known as Duckpins

A favourite on the East Coast - Candlepins

Or just strap on a pair of snowshoes and enjoy the great out doors by going on a hike in the woods,

There is another game that is quite popular in some regions of Canada, but surprisingly not in others and the is Broomball.


Since we are coming up to a year since Vancouver hoster the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and the success our Canadian athletes achieved,  I have started a poll on what favourite sporting activity Canadians like to take part in.  The poll is down at the bottom of the page, and will be open until the end of the month.

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